All of our pitches are very wet & with rain forecast overnight & throughout tomorrow morning,  my expectation is that most games will be postponed.

I would suggest you warn your opposition to await our confirmation before travelling.

As yet I have not heard from the council that any games have been called off.

  • I will inspect Connaught at 8.00 tomorrow & put update on website
  • Those of you at Briars, Bagshot, Lighwater or Collingwood need to do a pitch inspection in good time to let your opposition know.  
  • Those of you at Heatherside, Aldershot or Tomlinscote can contact the respective receptions to check if the game is on.  If no response to your call, you will need to do the inspection yourself.  Contact numbers
    • Heatherside    –   07919 217606
    • Aldershot    –  07717 003807
    • Tomlinscote  –  01276 709050

Remember wrecking the pitch now will result in more postponements over the coming weeks.

If you do call your match off,  please remember  to tell        referee,      opposition,      me,      your div sec,     any teams following you (I can do that if you tell me early enough)

Fingers crossed the weather forecast is wrong.